Welcome to the Videos Page! Here we will be posting all links to the videos we are making to provide you, the viewer, more content! Please be sure to leave some feedback to let us know how we are doing and feel free to friend request us on MTGO if you have an account and want to play against the decks we are running.



  • Rob playing Modern  RUG Infect (vs Bloom Titan, Mono Green, and Jeskai Twin).
  • Rob takes RUG Infect into the modern league (vs Grixis Twin and 4 color Scapeshift).
  • Rob continues his grind with RUG Infect in preparations for the modern open ( vs Scapeshift, G/R Tron, U/G Infect)
  • Rob takes Nacatl Burn for a test run (vs Affinity twice and G/R Tron).


  • Alex Draft’s 8th Edition here and watch him in Round 1 and Round 3 (Sadly Round 2 is missing due to technical difficulty)