Copy Cat Aggro

January 15, 2017 0

Jerry here with my take on Saheeli Combo (or Copy Cat as most people has dubbed it) and the shell I believe it will be most prosperous in is an Aggro one!  We are able Read More

Rakdos Aggro AKA Darker Horse

January 11, 2017 0

Bans, Burn, and the Dark Horse To set the stage for the third Aether Revolt brew we first need to know where it started. It started with a fringe standard deck that in my opinion Read More

Rakdos Control

January 9, 2017 0

The Brew factory is in full swing here with The SnapCast and Alex is trying to collect overtime.  Over the next 3 days we will bring a new brew from him on what to play Read More

Twin’s Revival

January 6, 2017 0

It was just 354 days ago when the Modern community was rocked by the banning of Splinter Twin.  Some quit Magic vowing to never return while others refused to give up on trying to cheat Read More

Taphouse Brewery: Kaladesh is Here!!

September 28, 2016 0

Kaladesh is here and it’s shiny and chrome, witness it! The new art style is beautiful. The cards seem sweet. This standard is also gearing up (pun intended) to be one of the cheapest sets Read More

The Many Pathogens of Infect Issue #1

January 13, 2016 0

Rob Gherrity   Issue #1: Simic(U/G) Hey everyone, welcome to the first in a series of articles where I will be discussing the many ways in which you could build an infect deck and punish Read More

Taphouse Issue #3

January 6, 2016 0

Alex Sarver   Hey everybody, it has been a while. For those of you who don’t know in the months since my last article I have relocated from the temperate shores of Virginia to the harsh Read More

Taphouse Issue #2

October 17, 2015 0

– Alex Sarver – Hey everybody. Welcome back to the Taphouse, another round of brewskis is coming right up. Let’s start with some updates from the last article. Jeskai Dragons got some minor upgrades. Two cards Read More

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