Copy Cat Aggro

Jerry here with my take on Saheeli Combo (or Copy Cat as most people has dubbed it) and the shell I believe it will be most prosperous in is an Aggro one!  We are able to surround ourselves with a small R/V Vehicles package and with just the addition of 6 dual blue sources and with the help of Aether Hub, this wont be difficult to pull off.

This deck does look very similar to what a post-ban R/W Vehicles build would be but with the obvious addition of Saheeli Rai, which happens to go quite well with Heart of Kiran.



Her +1 helps us with card advantage and does a small amount of damage to our opponent which is always nice. What is even better is we can immediately remove that count to crew up Heart of Kiran.  Flying and Vigilance on this 4/4 monster is amazing, gets the early game evasion as well as being able to defend our Saheeli on the next turn if absolutely needed by allowing us to remove a counter on our opponents turn to activate Heart of Kiran. The downfalls are Heart of Kiran is easily beaten by Fatal Push and Natual State.  But Saheeli isn’t the only early activator for Heart of Kiran.



Toolcraft Exemplar, Veteran Motorist, and Depala, Pilot Exemplar each allow us to begin attacking with Heart of Kiran on Turn 3 with no issues and each creature provides it’s own level of must answer threat.  Another great addition to the deck is yet another broken Vehicle brought to us by WotC.



Aethersphere Harvester has proven in the limited environment to be a very broken card.  Usually controlling the table as soon as it enters play with it’s cheap crewing cost, high toughness, gaining energy when it enters play and having the ability to gain lifelink.  The obvious weaknesses for this card are it is targeted by Natural State and could see a revolted Fatal push.  Outside of those two cheap threats, it will take a bit more from your opponent to answer this beast.

In the 60 is the obvious combo with Saheeli Rai and Felidar Guardian.  There is no need to dive deep into that combo as everyone has already been talking about it but to have such an aggressive package as we see here and able to run the combo makes us very lethal on multiple levels.



No sideboard has been developed yet as I want to wait to see what happens but this could be very viable during the first few weeks while everyone figures out the Aether Revolt standard.


For the full 60 card mainboard click here.