Engulf the Storm or Mono U Storm for you “Boring” Folks

My, my, my AER…what are we gonna do with you? With all of this talk of “Splinter Twins” revival and now Ulamog being the replacement cheese alongside Aethertide Whale, we all seem to forget that storming has become an even more powerful and possibly now a game-breaking option. I’m just gonna put this out there – if this top 8s at Pro Tour Paradoxical Outcome gets banned. Engulf the Storm – link for y’all.

So about them card choices:

So these go pretty much unsaid. These are our 0 drops that fuel our storm turn and they also act as a double effect of suiting up an Ornithopter when the time calls for it. These 0 drops being artifacts brings us to our next set of cards because 0 drop artifacts break the improvise mechanic.

So in AER we got a new card advantage spell in Reverse Engineer. Why is improvise a thing? This card will be restricted in Vintage because it puts Gush to shame. It is not wrong to play 3 0 drops and jam Reverse Engineer on turn 2. Enjoy this card while it lasts because I think someone is gonna try and break it. Anticipate and Take Inventory are less to be excited about because we don’t have any other cantrips and WotC’s Policy these days involves them hating manipulating the top few cards of your library but we’ll knowingly give you Storm, Dredge, Sneak and Show, Reanimator, Slaver Control, and Splinter Twin in Standard again. But NO cantrips are too powerful.

So our next selection of cards is our “Past in Flames” or our “Yawgmoth’s Will/Bargain” or our “Memory Jar” or our… you get the idea. These are our enormous pay off cards. If you play 3 0 drop artifacts and Paradox those back to your hand with an Aetherflux Reservoir out you’re going to be able to cast 7 total spells to a minimum generating 28 life. You only need 51 to win so any additional 0 drops you hit or castable cantrips is gonna end the game super quick. Baral’s Expertise is a 2 sided card and pretty much what the deck really needed besides an additional 0 drop. It can bounce 3 things and allow you to cast Aetherflux in a massive tempo swing in your favor and it also doubles as a worse Paradox when you need it. One thing to note: don’t be afraid to go all in on the combo even if you don’t have the win gaining 35 life and bouncing some of your opponents dudes is still big game and it only takes 1 more copy of Paradox or Baral’s to finish the job (or Reverse Engineer).

So for the rest of the deck Aetherflux Reservoir is our wincon nothing fancy here but for you guys here’s the total life gains sequence on a storm turn for 1 Aetherflux Reservoir:


2 Reservoirs:


3 Reservoirs:


4 Reservoirs: (Lucky Dog)


So since this deck was Mono Blue Engulf the Shore was added as a sweet instant speed answer to agro. Sweeping the board at the right time can buy you 1-3 turns which is usually enough to start storming off. Nothing to fancy but people never see it coming and it feels sweet.

The sideboard is very skeletal and will need the most work meta dependent but there is one card I want to mention

Why is this a magic card? Why is this in Standard? This is a colorless Xantid Swarm, in some cases it’s worse and in some it’s better. The only card this doesn’t stop is Spell Queller but it stops all other possible interactions. This is a ridiculous Magic card and it also has what I think is the most likely inclusion into Modern. Being Legendary isn’t relevant because on combo turn you need this to only succeed once and sacrificing it is irrelevant because once again, it only needs to happen once. The fact that this is colorless is absurd and can be a Commander (LOLOLOLOLOL).

Hope y’all enjoyed this read. Here’s the link again Engulf the Storm