Grixis Aggro

Day 2 of Alex’s bender at the brew house and he has yet to get kicked out.  This means he is either so lost they can’t find him or to quote “Beerfest”, he’s not that drunk.  In this beautiful concoction we bring what appear to be low to the ground creatures with some great assets brought to us by those who murdered Smuggler’s Copter while it was in it’s prime.

While Scrapheap Scrounger does prove to be more of a threat having that 3/2 body, the 1/1’s seem like they can be shrugged off and not a concern.  Well, that is exactly what this deck wants their opponent to think.  We have the ability to greatly increase the power of our artifacts either by entering combat or utilizing Tezzeret’s Touch.

We got a slight combination of Ensoul Artifact and Rancor with this enchantment.  Sadly though it isn’t the enchantment that recurs when sent to the graveyard, instead it is the creature.  Still at only cmc 3 this is a fantastic way of making that 1/1 incredibly formidable and able to block almost any threat your opponent wants to lay down.  Weldfast Engineer also brings some power to the table.  We run 13 Artifacts that could attack and this 3 drop brings 5 power when he swings, not to mention is able to crew up Heart of Kiran and make it a 6/4.

Another fantastic interaction we have is with Tezzeret’s Touch and Key to the City.

Enchanting Key to the City with Tezzeret’s Touch allows us to cycle through useless cards while making Key to the City unblockable, but if you don’t want to cycle cards there is always your untap phase which will net you an extra draw per turn.  This is really beneficial because with most aggro decks by turn 4 you can expect to be close to empty handed. But this isn’t where Tezzeret’s Touch stops being incredible.  It can be looped with Hope of Ghirapur to lock your opponent out of playing non-creature spells for multiple turns.

You may be concerned with the mana base in this but it is surprisingly efficient with the printing of Spire of Industry and having Aether Hub

We do not have any other way to gain energy but even with that known we still feel Aether Hub is a great choice to have in the deck as it provides outstanding flexibility while you have that energy banked.


All in all Grixis Aggro has been a fantastic deck and with these additions we believe is poised to be a stand-out in the coming weeks while the format settles.  To see the full 75 click the link below.

Grixis Aggro