Rakdos Control

The Brew factory is in full swing here with The SnapCast and Alex is trying to collect overtime.  Over the next 3 days we will bring a new brew from him on what to play in standard.  First up is a very interesting take on control.  Rakdos Control.

This deck features the Triad of Rakdos Walkers.



The best part about these 3 aside from each one not being allowed to go left unchecked is they all curve perfectly into one another.  Liliana can protect herself long enough for Chandra to come down and destroy the threat next turn.  Then if your opponent plays something bigger Ob Nixilis can join the party and ensure his two lovely ladies don’t die.

Backing up this powerhouse are the best removal cards currently in standard, being able to handle almost any threat the opponent could have.



Being some of the most efficient removal spells out there we can’t help but utilize them.  Grasp and Incendiary can control most board states but when you need that extra kick Unlicensed Disintegration is just the answer.  You may notice a lack of Fatal Push, that is because we don’t anticipate having many permanents we control leaving the battlefield and in the long run wouldn’t be getting us as much value as those above.

Lastly are the creatures requiring an immediate answer before things get too far out of hand.



Menace has proven to be fantastic and our creatures also have great enter-the-battlefield effects to go with them.  We either recur a spell from the yard or kill a creature.  Then there is Heart of Kiran.  This one wont be crewed with creatures often thanks to our planeswalkers but if needed our other creatures can crew up this powerhouse of a vehicle with no problem.  It is a great replacement for smuggler’s copter, may it rest in peace, though for this deck we were already eyeing up Heart of Kiran.

For the full 75 check out the link below.

Rakdos Control