Twin’s Revival

It was just 354 days ago when the Modern community was rocked by the banning of Splinter Twin.  Some quit Magic vowing to never return while others refused to give up on trying to cheat out all the Exarchs ever with Kiki-Jiki.  Well today WotC has made their attempt at apologizing by giving us Felidar Guardian.

At first glance you may be wondering as to how this cat beast is the next twin combo.  Sure, it has the same body as Deceiver Exarch and it has a blink ability with it but where am I going with this?  Go back to Kaladesh when we saw the Izzet Planeswalker Saheeli Rai.

She hadn’t really found a home in the most recent Standard but her days of being a $4 mythic are long gone.  In just the 12 hours we have had Felidar Guardian spoiled Saheeli Rai has increased in value 7 fold!  One of the largest surges in prices in such a short period of time.

Dan Z., long friend of Jerry, has already been brewing with the idea of Jeskai Twin and believes he has the foundation of what the deck should be.  Using the two above featured cards as the primary win-con, Dan also jam’s the deck with the best the Jeskai world has to offer.  Backing up his Twin style combo is a well balanced package of creature removal, counters, and can-trips to control the game and dig for the answers.  His full 60 card main board can be seen by clicking the link below.

Saheeli’s Twin