We Sell Stuff!!!

Hey everyone! Many of you have reached our and asked how you can support us as we continue to provide our weekly podcasts, youtube videos, and explore to give you more content and we wanted to let you know that we sell singles on tcgplayer!  We have a link below you can click to check out what we have!  We also have snapcast score pads we are selling however we do not have them on tcgplayer.com, if you are interested in those just click the donate button below and donate at least $5 to receive 3 score pads! If you decide to donate more then you will receive more pads!  We are exploring into other things we can create for you to show your support for the cast, if you have any ideas of what you would like to see be offered please let us know!  Again thanks for listening and watching and be sure to check out our newest episodes!

Donations of $5 will get you 3 scorepads!

Donations of $10 will get you 8 scorepads!

Donations of $20 will get you 20 scorepads!!!